Rolls Royce support Junior Electric Car Challenge

Rolls Royce support Junior Electric Car Challenge

Whilst renowned for putting their name to some of the biggest gas-guzzling vehicles of all time, Rolls Royce are actually doing their best to become eco-friendlier. Just this month the British car manufacturers became involved in the Electric Car Challenge; a scheme developed by Greenpower Educational Trust. The scheme uses electric car racing events to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning in schools.

Greenpower below explain how the whole process works:

“We supply age appropriate kit cars, which can be built in school, college or elsewhere and raced at motorsport venues around the country,” said Greenpower.

“Alternatively, older participants [Formula 24 and Formula 24+] can design and build their own car to our regulations.”

Joining forces with March CE Primary School in Sussex for the scheme, Rolls Royce helped with the school’s ‘Formula Goblin’ class racer at the ‘Gathering of the Goblins’ event.

As part of the partnership, Rolls Royce supported children with the development of a vehicle design, one centred on green travel.

“We have helped March CE Primary School to design and build their Greenpower entry for several years,” said Rolls-Royce representative and spokesman, Andrew Ball explained.

“It is a delight to see the children so keen, engaged and working happily as a team. As a company, we love to see this enthusiasm for technology in primary-age children: they are the designers, engineers and innovators of tomorrow.”

The children built the kit, supported by Rolls-Royce staff, and took it to the Gathering at the Dunsfold track in Surrey, where automotive apprentices Luke Padley and Adam Goff provided race-day support.

“Whilst not an overall winner”, the car firm reported, “the car acquitted itself splendidly.”

Let us know what you think; should Rolls Royce be getting involved in more projects of this kind?

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