Rolls Royce special edition sells out in 2 months

Rolls Royce special edition sells out in 2 months

The limited edition Rolls Royce Year of the Dragon Phantom has sold out in just two months.

The special edition Rolls Royce was priced at $1.2 million and created especially to commemorate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, with the luxury Phantom proving to be a very popular choice amongst its Chinese customers despite its hefty price tag. The next year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese calendar, isn’t until 2024, which may have contributed to the rush on this particular special edition.

The top spec Phantom is sold in a unique shade of maroon and decorated with gold detailing including ornate dragons to tie in with the theme of the special edition. The vehicle has the option to be customised further to each individual customer’s requirements with personalised embroidery on the upholstery, drinks cabinets and even specialised picnic baskets.

According to the luxury car manufacturer, their range of highly bespoke vehicles are always strong sellers within the Chinese market as the car maker has found that the opportunity for personalisation is highly attractive to its customers in China.

While Rolls Royce predicts a successful year in 2012 with plans to open more dealerships in China to add to its current range of 14 showrooms in the country, the high end car manufacturer is unsure on whether they’ll be able to match the record breaking sales figures of 2011.

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