Inspired by Music: Rolls Royce reveal new limited-edition Dawn

Inspired by Music: Rolls Royce reveal new limited-edition Dawn

Following the success of the ‘Inspired By’ trilogy on its Wraith model, luxury car-makers, Rolls Royce, have revealed the new Rolls Royce Dawn ‘Inspired by Music’; set to be the first of another remarkable trilogy.

The limited-edition Rolls Royce Dawn Inspired by Music’, comes complete with a wealth of musically-influenced features, including a superb new Lyrical Copper exterior paint in homage to the copper usage in some of the world’s best audio systems. 

The copper-based theme continues through to the car’s interior where the standout feature is the Bespoke Audio system. Although Rolls Royce are yet to release specifics regarding the audio system, it is believed to be the same 1300-Watt sound system that was used in the Wraith’s ‘Inspired by Music’ edition. Other interior features include a brown and copper finish to the dashboard and rear AC vent cover. 

Keeping with the musical theme through the new Dawn, Rolls Royce have created a music track that consists entirely of sounds made by their latest model. With the help of the sound-deadening anechoic chamber in Goodwood, Rolls Royce used a hyper-sensitive microphone to capture the mechanical and electrical tones of the Dawn. Everything from the windscreen wipers and indicators to the umbrella exiting its door enclosure and the Spirit of Ecstasy proudly taking her place on top of the Dawn. 

What’s under the hood? 

Fans of the original Rolls Royce Dawn will be delighted to hear that the new, limited-edition ‘Inspired by Music’ model has undergone no mechanical changes. The Dawn retains its 6.6 litre twin-turbocharged V12 petrol engine. The car will go from 0-60mph in under five seconds and is powered by 563bhp. 

The trilogy 

As with the Wraith before it, the Dawn’s new ‘Inspired by Music’ design is set to be the first in an awe-inspiring trilogy. Rolls Royce enthusiasts are now eagerly awaiting news of the potential ‘Inspired by Film’ and ‘Inspired by Fashion’ additions to the Dawn family. 

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