The Rolls Royce brand is known for making bold statements through engineering and design, creating vehicles that outshine any other on the road. From unique features and gleaming exterior to shocking price tags and playful colours, the British car brand loves to stamp their mark of eccentricity across the globe.

Their latest creation will cement their name in Singapore, creating a version of the infamous Rolls Royce Ghost that celebrates the spirit of the county.

The latest creation

Rolls Royce are set to unveil the SG50 Ghost Series II in connection with the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence, a car that will echo the sentiment of Singapore culture.

“This SG50 Ghost Series II, a unique celebratory Rolls-Royce, will sit as a timeless masterpiece in a client’s care to reflect on this significant milestone,” Paul Harris, Asia Pacific regional director of Rolls-Royce, said in a press release.


It’s features

The car showcases an all-white exterior decorated with a red coachline, honouring the Singapore flag. Complimented with dark red leather seats that have Singapore’s iconic Merlion stitched into each headrest the car is truly patriotic, with a lot of thought gone into its design. According to he carmakers 15,080 stitches went into the process, showing just how much attention to detail the Rolls Royce team work with on daily basis.

sg50 ghost sii (8)


The base price for a normal Ghost Series II is about $290,000, so we can only imagine that the price for the this SG50 Ghost Series II will be at least another $20,000 on top of that, with custom-made stitching, features and incorporations all having a huge bearing on price.

Let us know what you think on this latest Rolls Royce; would you prefer the standard edition?