Eric Morecombe's Rolls Royce finds new career as a wedding car

Eric Morecambe's Rolls Royce finds new career as a wedding car

A 1971 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, previously owned by the much loved comedian Eric Morecambe, has been spared from the scrap heap by a businessman from Carnforth, Lancashire, who came across the vehicle quite by chance.

Peter Yates, who owns a wedding car hire company, spotted the classic car at a scrap yard in Shrewsbury where it was in line to be broken up and sold off for parts. The businessman described finding the car with the famous connection as a “chance find, a miracle.”

The beautiful Rolls Royce had been made to order for the late Eric Morecambe and originally bore his personalised number plate, EM100. The vehicle was owned by the comic between 1971 and 1974 and is said to still have an aroma of cigars, which Eric was a big fan of smoking.

There’s no doubt about the history of the vehicle either as Mr Yates was given the original documentation, including a delivery and an order note, bearing the comic’s name.

Now the car is undergoing a transformation to restore it back to its former glory. The painstaking work should be complete by May, when Mr Yates hopes to add the Rolls Royce, with a unique selling point, to his fleet of weddings cars.

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