Rolls Royce limo once owned by Churchill makes public appearance

Rolls Royce limo once owned by Churchill makes public appearance

A Rolls Royce limousine once owned Winston Churchill made a public appearance in Henley, Oxfordshire last week.

The 1925 classic Rolls Royce 20/25 was parked outside the Kenton Theatre in Henley which was holding a lecture on the Enigma machine, an encryption device used to decipher codes during World War 2. An example of an Enigma machine was on display at the theatre as part of the event.

The Rolls Royce limo was owned by Frank Jenner who ran a private hire and taxi business in Kent during the war. Although the vehicle was owned by Winston Churchill, Jenner was named as the registered keeper of the luxury car as Prime Minister of the time didn’t want to be seen to be extravagant.

Frank Jenner continued to act as Churchill’s chauffeur until his retirement in 1964.

The classic Rolls Royce was then bought by Alan Dyson in 1998 who runs a vintage car company in Wallingford. Mr Dyson had the vehicle fully restored and now offers the famous car for hire for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

If you’re looking for a vintage wedding car for your big day, the classic Rolls Royce formerly owned by Winston Churchill will certainly add another dimension to your occasion, and provide a talking point for your guests.

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