Rolls Royce is one of the only remaining brands centred on opulence, retaining that sense of car sophistication that many of only dream of. Having well and truly stolen the show when it comes to global car production, the British brand continues to get involved in other projects.

Just last week, Rolls Royce launched the “Cars & Cognac” meet up; an event that offers a refreshing take on the popular Cars and Coffee event.

Cars and Coffee is a phenonium that has really taken off in the US and Canada. Usually held in the morning, people meet in parking lots to discuss their shared love of cars and coffee, reviewing and discussing different car and coffee variations and brands.

While arguably influenced by the concept, Cars and Cognac seemed to have had a rather different vibe to Cars and Coffee. Firstly, it was held on a Friday evening, seeing its guests suited and booted. Plus, it was not held in a car park, but the Soho Farmhouse private members’ club in the heart of the Cotswolds.

But, what did the event actually entail? Well, according to some, the evening was an invite-only affair where Rolls Royce selected a special few to come and taste some cognacs. Coordinated by a sommelier, the evening was all about finery, with the indoor venue also featuring a selection of three new Rolls Royces.

Catering to the guests’ mutual love for cars and fine drink, the Cognac was served from bespoke picnic hampers found in the boot of a Phantom, allowing them to bask in the beauty of the Cognac and the car all at once.

Branded at the ‘inaugural’ Cars and Cognac event, it does suggest that we can expect more of these meetups in the coming months. Let us know what you think, would you like an invite?