Rolls Royce Cullinan makes its debut

Rolls Royce Cullinan makes its debut

As you know, here at Limo Broker, we have a mild obsession with the Rolls Royce brand; a car manufacturer that places luxuriousness as a priority. Mirroring their passion for exquisite cars, we were thrilled to hear the latest news from Rolls Royce. According to sources, the Rolls Royce Cullinan has officially launched! Receiving rave reviews for both its cabin and exterior design, we take a closer look at what the British carmakers have achieved with their latest creation. Targeted at the “younger, very successful high-net-worth individuals who are heavily engaged in the experience economy”, we were not disappointed!

Rolls Royce’ first SUV

Having been working on the Cullinan for over three years, this car has been much-anticipated, being the first SUV the company has created. While a new direction for Rolls Royce, many say the car follows in the footsteps of the glorious Rolls Royce Phantom. From its large grille to its high hood and clean lines; are we witnessing the rebirth of the Phantom? Well, according to many car critics, absolutely.


When it comes to the view from the outside, Rolls Royce has ticked every box, extending that tone of opulence to a hatchback. Whilst compact and neat, the car somehow still boasts a strong, iconic presence when out on the road. Fully equipped with the raised Spirit of Ecstasy, this car is quintessentially British.

The cabin

Climb inside this tremendous car and you unlock a whole world of gizmos and gadgets, with the Cullinan showcasing a cabin fit for royalty. From its bench-style seating to its in-cabin bar with stunning whiskey glasses, Rolls Royce have thought of everything.

Another feature critics are eager to put under the spotlight is the infotainment system; a top-of-the-range piece of kit that can be controlled by the SoE badge on the steering wheel.

Hire a Rolls Royce

While we are yet to get our hands on the Cullinan, we do enjoy a vast fleet of Rolls Royce cars available for hire. If you are a lover of luxury cars, be sure to browse our vehicle catalogue.

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