Rolls Royce commissions Spirit of Ecstasy Fabergé egg

Rolls Royce commissions Spirit of Ecstasy Fabergé egg

While a car brand that has felt the wrath of Brexit, Rolls Royce are showing no signs of cutting back or slowing down. Going full speed with their latest projects and marketing campaigns, Rolls Royce has this week announced details of a new venture.  

According to sources, the British carmakers have joined forces with Fabergé, commissioning the creation of ‘the ultimate Fabergé egg’.  

What are Fabergé eggs?  

Fabergé eggs are thought to be the most lucrative, sought-after decorations, purchased mostly by the elite. Regarded as impressive collectors’ items, the first was built for Tsar Alexander III; the Emperor of Russia, King of Poland, and Grand Duke of Finland from March 1881 to November of the same year.   

With just 50 of these eggs created before 1917, they are incredibly rare and precious; not dissimilar to Rolls Royce vehicles. 

The Rolls Royce egg

Teaming up with Fabergé, Rolls Royce will now create the Spirit of Ecstasy egg; a decoration that will bring these delicate trinkets into the 21st century.   

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce chief executive, talks through this project and the creative process that the businesses will work to.  

“It was born from an intrinsic desire to further the realms of bespoke personalization.” 

“Responding to the continuing demands of patrons in search of unique and cherished possessions, a designer at the House of Rolls-Royce sketched an egg, igniting a fascination that will undoubtedly become one of the most collectable items of modern times.” 

The egg is said to be made by a team of seven artists. They will utilise the best jewels, creating the Spirit of Ecstasy in crystal and ‘cocooning’ it within the pretty egg.  

The brand says that the end product will be 160mm tall and weigh just 400g. 

Let us know what you think, what will this egg set a collector back by?  

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