Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce is a name synonymous with luxury and decadence, however it seems even the world’s most exclusive car manufacturer isn’t immune to the credit crunch. Rolls Royce has just unveiled its latest addition to the prestigious dynasty, the Ghost. The new limo’s unique selling point has to be its price, rumoured to be around the $245,000 mark (£148,000) which by Rolls Royce standards, is a bargain.

The Ghost will join the company’s continental fleet of vehicles and is available from autumn 2009. The exact price won’t be revealed until the Frankfurt Motor Show however it will be considerably lower than Rolls Royce’s most popular limo, the Phantom which sells for $380,000 (£229,600). The Rolls Royce Phantom has been an extremely successful car for the brand, and is a very popular choice for wedding car hire the world over.

Although plans for a more affordable Rolls Royce were in the pipeline long before the global economic downturn, the timing of the Ghost couldn’t be better. Rolls Royce CEO agrees it is an “ideal” time to be launching a budget limo after the company saw a 34% drop in sales this year in comparison to 2008. The ethos of the new limo is also timely as the CEO went on to say “It’s less ostentatious, so owners can give the impression that they’re downsizing”

Despite being nick-named the Baby Rolls, the Ghost is still a mighty vehicle. It stretches over 5 metres in length and has a 6.6 litre engine and boasts upward of 500bhp; and with a price tag estimated to be £80,000 lower than the Rolls Royce Phantom, this new limo is likely to fly out of the showroom.

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