When Robert Pattinson was out partying with friends on Tuesday night, little did he know that he would be refused access to Justin Bieber’s party bus.  The Twilight star was out celebrating Katy Perry’s new film release, Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, along with Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez and a few others, when he was denied entry onto the pop idol’s party bus by his bodyguards and “left out in the cold”.

Rob, Justin and Selena were some of the guests at Katy’s party at the exclusive Chateau Marmont. After the small celebration, the group decided to head over to the opening of David Arquette’s new celeb hangout, Bootsy Bellows, and hopped onboard their luxury on wheels. However, instead of a stretch limo or a blacked out Hummer, the group were travelling in Justin Beiber’s $200,000 Mercedes party bus.

When Pattinson, who trailed slowly after the trio, was refused access onboard the party bus, the star maintained his calm. According to reports, photographers humoured Pattinson asking: “Have you ever been stuck in a more awkward situation?”

The comment didn’t stop the British star from chuckling. Luckily, he had Raising Hope star Shannon Woodward to keep him company and to share in the awkward moment. Reportedly, Woodward soon managed to sort things out and let them both onboard the party bus.

Party buses are becoming a common A-list vehicle for a good night out. However, let’s hope the next time Pattinson is out partying he makes sure his name is on the guest list!