Last year we saw gamers go crazy for Roundabout, the game often described as a mix of features taken from Crazy Taxi and Kurukuru Kururin.


The indie game allows the player to take control of a spinning limousine, swerving around streets, paths and often into human beings!

The game was created by No Goblin and mirrors many attributes displayed by the infamous game Crazy Taxi. It challenges you to chauffeur passengers from one part of the virtual world to another.

Roundabout does not however simply revolve around the straightforward task of making trips to allocated destinations. The gamer has the opportunity to maim and explode pedestrians under the wheel of the limousine, something that at Limo Broker, we do not suggest.

Due to the worldwide love for limousine hire Roundabout has proven to progress a relatable subject to the gaming industry with Microsoft picking up on this.

The decision makers of the gaming sector seem to be showing a preoccupation for getting the work of independent game developers onto Xbox One, the console that is lording the industry of late.

The small studio of No Goblin is proud to announce that they will be part of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox programme and is set to be played by millions worldwide. PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game are also on in the pipelines.