A growing number of high schools in the US are taking steps to crack down on pupils wearing revealing outfits to their end of year proms with many issuing posters and even introducing powerpoint presentations to ensure the teenagers are crystal clear on what is and isn’t acceptable prom attire.

The US high schools are issuing strong guidelines to pupils so there is no confusion over what is inappropriate prom wear. Schools have taken to putting up posters around the corridors and classrooms with images to illustrate their points showing models wearing dresses that would be deemed to low cut for prom, another example showing a dress with too high a slit up the leg, and dresses with too many cut outs, all of which are not deemed acceptable to wear at a school prom.

To give clear examples of what is permissible, the posters also have “good” examples on the posters showing models in full length gowns with no slits and prom dresses with very few or no cut outs.

One high school as even gone as far as issuing a booklet to each pupil outlining what will, and what will not be acceptable to wear to prom. By taking a direct approach to target inappropriate dress, the school say they hope that all pupils will be clear on what is acceptable and therefore preventing pupils from spending a lot of money on an outfit which prom organisers have an issue with on the night.