As experts in the provision of Rolls Royce hire, have pitted two of their most highly sought after models against each other in a bid to find the ultimate Rolls Royce model.

While the Rolls Royce Phantom may seem to have a distinct advantage as the luxury car maker’s flagship model, the Rolls Royce Ghost more than holds its own in the luxury chauffeur driven car hire market appealing especially to busy executives and corporate clients due to its compact design.

The Rolls Royce made its official debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and was marketed as a more “measured” and “realistic car” in comparison to the mighty Rolls Royce Phantom. The Ghost got its name as a nod to an earlier model, the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, which was first built by the company back in 1906.

The Rolls Royce Phantom was been around slightly longer having been first introduced by the luxury car manufacturer in 2003. The Phantom is available as a 4-door sedan and also a 2-door Drophead Phantom convertible model, both of which are available to hire through

According to the Rolls Royce limo hire provider, the Phantom is often the first choice for couples looking for a stylish wedding car as the extended wheelbase provides extra onboard space which is often required for wedding day transportation either to transport extra member of the bridal party or to accommodate a bride with a large princess style dress. The Phantom also boasts a definite wow factor with an imposing and almost majestic presence which is especially fitting for a wedding.

What are your thoughts on the Rolls Royce Phantom versus the Rolls Royce Ghost? Is the Rolls Royce Phantom the ultimate modern wedding car while the Rolls Royce Ghost is the perfect chauffeur driven ride for airport transfers and corporate clients? Drop us a line in the comments box below and let us know what you think on the subject.