Like many other car manufacturers, Renault are a brand that understands that future of travel is connected, with autonomous cars being the focus for the whole industry.

Working hard to stay relevant in a German-dominated market, Renault have been working on their own driverless car creation; the Renault Ez-Ultimo. Unveiling the concept at the 2018 Paris motor show this week, the car apparently went down an absolute storm. Said to offer a “premium mobility experience”, we at Limo Broker wanted to take a closer look at what the French carmakers had to show for their hard work.

Why is the Renault ED-Ultimo so special?

Well, with such a fabulous, dramatic name, we expected big things from this concept. And we were not disappointed. In essence, the car is an electric, connected and autonomous limousine that is all about privacy. Providing passengers with an intimate cabin to travel inside, critics say the limo to provide an unparalleled chauffeur service.

Not dissimilar to the design of a traditional limo, the car is 5.8m-long and 1.35m tall. Plus, the car has the ability to seat up to three people.

While an incredibly futuristic vehicle, there are a few nods to the cars and designs of yesteryear. Apparently, the car boasts rotating knobs that have been likened to the ones on old-school amplifiers to control the audio and lighting.

Just one piece of the puzzle

According to the Herald Sun, this vehicle will make up just one part of a futuristic Renault fleet and driverless car service.

“Renault expects the premium service to work alongside its more mainstream Ez-Go robot taxi and Ez-Pro driverless delivery van in the connected cities of the future” they claim.

Let us know what your thoughts are on this new vehicle concept. Can Renault compete with BMW, Volva, Uber and the likes when it comes to driverless car technology?