redAt Limo Broker we sympathise with sports followers who have previously paid over the odds for transport to prolific matches.

With many travel providers using fans passion as a way to charge too much Limo Broker are offering an honest service with competitive rates.

At Limo Broker we are extremely fanatical about football, excited by the phenomenal games we are set to witness over the coming months.

A game that we are particularly anticipating is QPR versus Derby on May 24th, a duel that will attract supporters from all over the country.

Queens Park Rangers will play for the £120million bounty at Wembley Stadium, a game that will really separate the winners from the losers.

This comes after QPR beat Wigan in the play offs where Charlie Austin scored twice, claiming victory against their opponents.

QPR manager Harry Redknapp was not moved by the bad weather he experienced, boasting his confidence in moving to the next stage of the competition. ‘It was worth it,’ said Redknapp. ‘You’ve got to enjoy the good nights.

‘I’m looking forward to going back to Wembley. It will be great to do it for the owner and the fans and the players. That’s all that matters. I’d love to get promotion for them.’

Derby County fans purchased 13,000 tickets in just seven hours of being on sale, desperate to see their team at Wembley.

It is said that Rams supporters purchased around 10,000 of those in the first two hours of the tickets becoming available at 9am.

But Brandon Furse, Derby County’s head of ticket sales and services, said it had been a massive success overall.

He said: “There was an initial surge of demand for tickets, as you would expect with a match like this.

“And that’s why we used SEE Tickets for this – there is no way the club could have dealt with this amount of tickets and interest.

“And, for the vast majority, it has gone very well. We were very disappointed and felt let down about the disabled tickets and we are doing what we can to resolve this.

“We put a team in place in the evening to call everyone back as these tickets were arriving and the shift staying late were also working to clear any other queries so we are ready to start fresh tomorrow.

About 60 coaches have been organised to take people from outside the iPro Stadium to Wembley on the day, which is nowhere near enough.

Furse says “If people are desperate to get their seats on the coach, they will probably stay on the line until they get through but our advice is not to panic and to just try again later.

It is pretty obvious that the high demand for coaches is not going to be met therefore fans need to take precautionary measures to secure their chance to support their preferred team.

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