If you have ever attended the Grand National racing event, you will be very aware of its busy nature, being one of the most celebrated events on the UK sporting calendar. With many traveling far and wide to watch the races unfold, transport services are much in demand.

Understanding this, Arriva Northern rail staff have planned a strike, set to cause ‘chaotic scenes across the city’. This walk out is in light of plans to roll out a new fleet of driver-controlled trains which will make 220 guard roles redundant.

Mirroring this fight, we now have the private drivers of the area taking action, planning a city blockade during Grand National. Creating a backlash against changes to licencing, drivers will make travel throughout Liverpool a true chore. As a result of child exploitation scandals, temporary licenses are no longer issued while drivers are awaiting clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service.

However, the group behind the planned blockade, led by Ryan Jones from Toxteth, said these delays have caused serious financial problems for drivers.

Mr Jones said the protest is scheduled to go ahead and will be a “double whammy” for the city as rail staff plan to walk out.

The 34-year-old said: “As things stand the protest is still going ahead.

“It is not what we want to do, we are proud scousers and we want people to come and enjoy the event – but we feel we have been backed into a corner.

“With the rail strikes happening at the same time I think its going to bring things to a standstill.”

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