As a parent you feel an overarching need to give your children the best of the best, especially when they have done something to be proud of such as finishing school. With most parents footing the bill for dresses, suits, jewellery and the evening meal school proms can get expensive, especially when arranging the limos.

Parents of P7 pupils at Quarryhill Primary School in Aberdeen paid £50 each for their child to ride in a limo to prom, parting with their hard earned cash to make their child’s day a special one. With the limo not showing up whatsoever you can imagine the frustration that these mums and dads felt, going straight to the limo company for some answers.

Failing to even get hold of the gentlemen they booked the vehicle through it quickly became apparent that they had been done over, with the limo company proving to not only have let them down but to not even exist.

Hollywood limos to the rescue

News of this let down inevitably made its way through Dundee with fellow parents and business owners disgusted by the regretful ordeal. Being the limo industry’s busiest day of the year the parents found it impossible to find a replacement, however one operator, Hollywood Limos, were extremely sympathetic.

Veronica Cook, managing director of Hollywood Limos, said she ‘could just see their poor wee faces when they found out and couldn’t have that’.

Deciding to send one of their limos the company helped claw back a bit of luxury for the students, allowing them to experience

“I could only send a limo for photographs but if I could have done more I would have.”

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