The Prime Minister’s chauffeur driven limousine came off a little worse for wear after an official visit to Salford in the wake of last week’s riots.

The Jaguar XJ limo which was being driven by the Prime Minister, David Cameron’s, official chauffeur was being manoeuvred into position in order to whisk the PM off after his visit to a Lidl store which had been the target of ferocious attacks by rioters last week.

However the chauffeur seemed to misjudge the height of a nearby kerb, and the passenger side of the limo skimmed the top of the pavement as the driver attempted to swing the luxury car into position for the PM.

A nearby Conservative official tried to warn the driver, waving his arms and shouting in a desperate attempt to stop the limo before it came into impact with the kerb, but it was too late, the £200,000 car bumped the pavement leaving a dent and long scrape along the paintwork on the passenger side of the limousine.

Luckily, the Prime Minister seemed oblivious to the incident as he hopped in the waiting car and was driven away swiftly by the embarrassed driver.

The top of the range Jaguar XJ which is David Cameron’s official car is believed to be worth £200,000 as it features high levels of security including bullet and bomb proof technology to ensure the safety of the PM during official visits.