Peter Andre’s new single is far outselling the competition according to MP3 Store. The single “Behind Closed Doors” went on sale at midnight on Saturday and demand for the Andre offering went into overdrive leaving the current number one record “Never Leave You” by Tinchy Styler and the Black Eyed Peas record trailing behind.

peter-andre-movidaThe head of music buying at the online Amazon store, Julian Monaghan, said they were instantly inundated with requests for the Andre single and demand has been steady all weekend. Early reports of download sales are very encouraging with many experts suggesting this new offering could join Peter’s other hit singles like Mysterious Girl, Flava and I feel you.

Andre was at his musical peak in the late 90’s when his single Mysterious Girl sold over 2 million records worldwide. More recently the singer has earned his column inches for his private life. In the past few weeks he’s been a permanent fixture on the tabloid front pages as his very messy split from wife Katie Price is played out in the full glare of the media spotlight.

However Peter is determined to turn this around and get the media talking about something he’s proud of. Speaking in a radio interview this weekend the 36-year old father of three made a bold statement saying “I believe I can do what Robbie (Williams) did.” Peter sees many similarities between the former Take That singer and himself. He believes he faces that same criticism and scepticism that Robbie experienced when he tried to launch his solo career adding “He felt how I feel now.”

Robbie, you have been warned; Andre’s on the lookout for a pop career just like yours!

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