Vehicle rental scheme sees membership numbers double in Wandsworth

New figures out recently revealed that a pay-as-you-go car hire scheme run by the Streetcar company, is going down a storm with local residents in the London suburb of Wandsworth.

Membership for the car hire system has increased dramatically with over 8,000 members in the area. That figure has doubled in just over 12 months demonstrating the popularity of the car rental programme.

A wide range of vehicles are available for hire through the pay-as-you-go scheme including luxury brands such as the BMW, smaller cars such as Volkswagens, and even vans which are ideal for house moves. In total the company has some 100 cars available for hire from 81 different locations. Cars are available to hire at an hourly rate.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the car hire scheme in Wandsworth, Streetcar is planning to add more cars to its fleet in order to keep up with the demand of the Wandsworth residents.

It has been suggested that the sudden surge in membership numbers could be a reaction to the recent economic hardship faced by many following the recession. Londoners who’ve dispensed with their cars due to the high running costs of keeping a vehicle, can turn to the pay-as-you-go car hire scheme for access to a car when they need it.

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