Australian party buses cold face tighter restrictions

Australian party buses cold face tighter restrictions

The authorities in Melbourne, Australia, are considering the introduction of a new bill which will aim to crack down on the disturbance caused by drunken revellers on party buses in the region. The proposed bill will require all party bus operators to obtain a liquor license, similar to the license used to cover pubs and clubs.

The move to introduce tighter restrictions has come after a number of complaints were received regarding party bus revellers and unacceptable behaviour. In one instance a police officer was said to have been assaulted by a party bus passenger.

The news has been welcomes by many in the tourist industry, Chief Executive of Australian Hotels Association Brain Kearney, said he was glad action was being taken to limit the behaviour of some party bus goers whom he branded “yobbos.”

The conditions attached to the liquor license proposed for the party buses will be very similar to those which apply to pubs and clubs. The main difference will be that drunken passengers onboard the party bus can be kept onboard until they reach their destination, whereas drunken customers in bar and clubs must be ejected immediately.

As part of the license party buses will be restricted to operating between the hours of 8pm and 5am, and they will also be limited to certain areas with St Kilda and Frankston being considered amongst others. Should the new laws come into force, any operator found to be in breach of the rules could face a fine of up to $6000.

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