Party bus reveller has $12k fur coat stolen

Party bus reveller has $12k fur coat stolen

A party bus reveller in the US sate of North Dakota was left devastated after her fun night out in the luxury vehicle turned into a nightmare when her $12,000 fur coat was stolen from the vehicle.

The coat holds special sentimental value as it was given as an engagement present to Lisa Johnson by her fiancé 2 days earlier.

The 29-year-old had an enjoyed a great night out cruising around the Grand Forks area of North Dakota. Lisa and her friends decided to call into a truck stop diner for an early morning breakfast at approximately 2:30am, leaving the expensive fur coat draped over the front seat of the party bus.

Needless to say, when the group returned to the luxury party bus, the full length fur coat which is made of both fox and coyote fur, was missing.

Bride-to-be Lisa said she feels “sick” over the theft for her fur coat because of the great sentimental attachment she has to the item. Desperate to be reunited with the coat, the 29-year-old is offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of the jacket. She’s also been scouring pawning shops and second hand websites in case the thieves are attempting to sell the item.

The incident highlights the importance of looking after personal items while travelling onboard chauffeur driven vehicles such as party buses or hired limousines. If you’re planning a limo hire or party bus trip in the near future for a school prom or birthday celebration, it’s advisable to not leave items unattended in the vehicle.

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