At Limo Broker we revel in the greatness of our party busses, offering them as fantastic options for birthdays, proms, Hen and Stag parties and much more.

Our novelty vehicles make up a huge part of our business in which the customers request, specifically asking to hire a Party Bus with us.

Being such fans of the Party Bus ourselves we were shocked to hear of the lengths that many will go to get the sales in. Usually when competition is great, people quote the law, whether they are fully educated on its contents or not.

The has revealed the news of a firm named Party Bus Ltd that wish to ban their competitors from using the words ‘Party Bus’, claiming that it is trademarked and was coined by the company.

Party Bus Limited has distributed nearly fifty letters to transport providers throughout the UK, requesting they refrain from using the term ‘Party Bus’ to promote their service to customers.

The Intellectual Property Office website educated its reading, revealing that individual words cannot be trademarked.  In the same theme can anybody trademark the words ‘Party Girl’, ‘Party Hat’ or ‘Party Food’? It is essentially the same thing.

We at Limo Broker will continue to offer our customers Party Buses as we have done for the past 5 years.

Contact us today and hire one of our Party Busses!

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