Paris Hilton refused chauffeur driven limo ride hours before her drug arrest

Paris Hilton refused chauffeur driven limo ride hours before her drug arrest

It’s been reported that socialite Paris Hilton refused the services of a chauffeur driven limousine hours before her arrest for cocaine possession in Las Vegas last week.

The car the Heiress was travelling in, driven by her boyfriend Cy Wait, was stopped at approximately 11.30pm last Friday night after police officers who pulled alongside the vehicle smelt marijuana.

The couple were pulled over by police on the Las Vegas road, and a crowd congregated to watch the celebrity couple get arrested. Cy Wait failed an on-the-spot sobriety test, and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence.

Newspaper claims say a small bag of cocaine fell out of Paris’s purse as the police were conducting their enquiries. She has since been charged with felony cocaine possession. The heiress strongly denies the drugs were hers. If Paris is found guilty of the charge, she could face up to 4 years in jail.

However it’s been revealed that earlier that evening the socialite had been at Caesar’s Palace for a personal appearance and had been provided with the services of a personal chauffeur and limo by the venue. The limo had taken Paris back to her boyfriend Wait’s house after her appearance at the venue and had offered to stay while she got changed to take her back into Las Vegas for her night out.

It’s been revealed that the 29-year-old party girl refused the limo, saying that her boyfriend would be driving them that night. Only a matter of hours later, the pair were arrested by police… should have taken the limo Paris!

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