Rap star and businessman P Diddy has treated his son 17-year-old son Justin to yet another luxury vehicle, this time a collector’s limousine which is estimated to be worth a massive £240,000.

The music maker hit the headlines last year when he gifted Justin with a £186,000 Maybach for his birthday. The extravagant party and lavish gift was shown in its full glory on an episode of MTV’s Sweet 16.

Now his generous daddy has presented him with yet another over the top present, the limousine version of the luxury car he received for his 16th birthday. Diddy explained that the limo gift was to reward his teen son for turning himself around as he’s now an honours student achieving good grades at school, something he wasn’t doing before.

The 41-year-old described the Maybach limousine as a “collector’s car” and the sort of vehicle his son will be able to use on special occasions. Despite the opulent gift of a state of the art limo, Diddy said his son’s tastes are simple and that he’s not impressed by expensive items (in which case, maybe you should take the limo back Diddy?!)

As well as making millions from his music, P Diddy also has his own chain of restaurants, plus a successful fragrance and clothing line, which is just as well as the rap star is father to 6 children, all of which will probably be expecting luxury cars once they hit driving age!