In recent months the gaming industry has taken the world by storm. GTA has taken over the lives of many young boys and men, engrossed in the adventures on offer.

No Goblin has announced they will put another game on the market in 2014 called ‘Roundabout’. It will be set in 1977 featuring the world’s first ‘revolving chauffeur’ driving a limousine. The creators have been said to take inspiration from such games as Crazy Taxi, Tony Hawk, and Kuru Kuru Kururin when creating this revolving limo game.

Georgio Manos acts as the protagonist of the game, attempting to navigate the spinning limo through an open-world city. Upgrades include helicopters and submersibles, and there are collectibles to accumulate.

The creator’s boast of its innovation claiming:

“Each ride with Georgio is truly unique. One day he’ll be hunting rare collectibles through winding side streets, the next you might be the lucky first passenger to test out his new  “Helicopter” or “Submersible” upgrades.
“One thing is for sure: you’d better buckle up and enjoy the only chauffeur… with a twist!”