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The time has arrived again for the Annual General Meeting of the National Limousine Association (NLCA), most of the serious players in the industry will be at the event where the future and direction of the trade will be decide or yet another year. After 15 years of life the group goes on from strength to strength with acceptance of the NLCA by customers and government alike. The next year will see major changes to the way people operate limousines and it is vital that our voice is heard to ensure that new legislation is not imposed without the voice of the trade being heard.

Date: 8TH FEBRUARY 2012
Time: STARTS AT 7.30PM
  • PW      Welcome to the 15th AGM of the NLCA
  • PW      Minutes of the previous years AGM
    • Read: Adopted
    • Proposed and seconded
  • PW      Chairman’s report on 2011
  • MP      Treasurers report and accounts
  • MP      Membership secretaries report
  • WEB   Legislation officers report
  • PW      List of positions and nominees
  • PW      Election of officers of the NLCA
== BREAK ==
  • Matters arising from the minutes
  • VAT
  • Insurances
  • Any other business
  • Date, time and place of next meeting
  • Close of meeting
List of potential posts for the AGM of the NLCA 2012 and brief description:
Chairman / Peter Wright
To chair and direct the meeting of the NLCA, to preside over the Annual General Meeting, to arrange the agenda for meetings in advance, and to represent the NLCA professionally as required.
Vice Chairman:                                                                          Jag Mann
To stand in for the Chairman when he or she is not available, to cover where there may be a need for two separate meetings to be held. To cover any or all of the Chairman’s roles as may be required.
Membership:                                                                             Fulvia Pietrantonio
To keep records of the membership of the NLCA, to issue invoices and reminders and ensure the receipt of membership funds as and when they are due. To advise the web master of any changes to membership status and ensure that details held on members are correct.
Treasurer:                                                                                  Fulvia Pietrantonio
To keep a track on membership receipts, account for all income and expenditure in a professional and logical manner, to present the accounts in draft form for the auditors to scrutinise. To pay all bills as and when they arise. To keep the membership and committee informed as to the financial state of the group at each meeting. To ensure that the audited accounts are lodged at companies house (via the auditors / accountants) each year.
Secretary and Minutes secretary:                                                Marco Pietrantonio
To handle any direct correspondence for the NLCA, to direct enquiries or queries to the appropriate officer, to issue any holding or covering letters to trade or public as required until the appropriate officer can respond. To take minutes at each monthly meeting, and to issue them on the NLCA web site.
Forum moderator:
To keep a watchful eye on the NLCA and limochat forums for situations of abuse, rudeness or disrespect. To refer back to the ethics committee, if appropriate, for guidance as to sanctions or removal from the forum. This has become of extreme importance in view of the total lack of respect for other members, and the unacceptable comments by non members. Possibly to view messages before they are posted.
Web Master                                                                              Eddie Dillon
To maintain the NLCA website and carry out updates and changes to the site and booking agency, to advice members and committee or any changes or upgrades that may be needed, to host the NLCA web site. To ensure that the NLCA web site is kept in good and current order.
Events co-ordinator:
To promote the NLCA by working with any chosen charities, suggesting and organising events (both charity and NLCA) and canvassing support from members and public alike. Organise any social events for the NLCA.
News & Newsletter:
To compile and distribute (by e mail) a monthly news letter for the NLCA, with articles submitted by members and committee alike. To send any notifications to members about coming events, monthly meetings, urgent changes to laws and statutes etc as needed (by email)
Press & publicity:
(Possibly the same person as the News & newsletter) Dealing diligently with press, issuing any press statements after checking with the relevant officer or member most suited or involved. To seek out opportunities to gain press space for the NLCA on a regular basis, to promote the services of the NLCA, and to raise the awareness and profile of the NLCA wherever possible.
Legislation officer:                                                          Bill Bowling
To stay abreast of current and proposed legislation, guide and assist members with licensing problems at both Local authority level and with the Traffic Commissioners. To lobby government for specific and appropriate legislation for limousines, novelty vehicles and chauffeur driven vehicles alike.
To test and challenge any changes to law as required, to provide advice for members with prosecutions from local authorities, VOSA and traffic commissioners, to represent (whenever possible and practical) members at public inquiries and court cases(where permitted)To advise on impending changes, and assist in ensuring that members vehicles are fully compliant with current legislation.
Assistant Legislation officer                                            Graham Bentham: Jason Earl: Matt Davies
To assist and provide cover for the legislation office as and when needed, guide members when requested. To help with any backlog of changes to the law as may arise by giving guidance to members on an ad hoc basis. To cover any or all of the duties of the legislation officer as may be required. To prepare for the eventual transition to cover the role of legislation officer in the future.
Ethics Committee:
Chairman:                                                                     John Flint
+ 4 elected or co-opted members
To investigate and deal with any complaints from the public and customers as to the conduct and ethics of a member, to draw up a code of conduct for members of the NLCA to abide by. To caution or apply sanctions to any member found guilty of transgressions.
Liaison officers:
To promote the cause of the NLCA, to talk and liaise with other operators in your area, to actively canvass new members for the group, to report any matters that may need attention from other officers of the NLCA, to refer new or potential members to the appropriate person for help and assistance.
To report any causes for concern that the group may not be aware of for action. To act as the local face, and representative for the NLCA.
  • Scotland: David Morley
  • Midlands: Marco Pietrantonio
  • Southern:
  • North East:
  • North West: Danny Cawley

News Source: NLCA

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