Nissan to muscle in on car-sharing hype with Get & Go  

Nissan to muscle in on car-sharing hype with Get & Go  

 Of late we have seen many brands try their hand at car-pooling, or car-sharing as it’s commonly known; a transport style made famous by Uber and the likes. Drawing on intelligent data such schemes have undermined the humble taxi, with the duty of heading to the street and hailing a cab now a thing of the past.    

According to sources Nissan will take a rather different approach to its competitors, using social media posts to identify motoring habits, linking up potential drivers into localised car-ownership clubs. All actioned from a simply registration Nissan will do all the hard work, crafting a transport solution to fit the individual need of the user. 

As their first foray into this forever-in-development sector, Nissan will encourage people into car clubs, offering group ownership to young people living in large cities. Referring to these groups as ‘communities’ Nissan match travel needs and behaviours, using technology to streamline the transport industry.   

Nissan chief executive, Mr Ghosn said: “We are moving toward a future where car usage may be more flexible, social and shared. We’re pioneering new ways to allow drivers to enjoy the freedom and financial benefits of shared car ownership,” he added.  

However, Nissan are not the only big manufacturers looking to get a piece of the pie, with Ford last month closing the much-hyped London arm of its GoDrive scheme. Talking of their experience Ford the scheme “has given us insights into the best ways to address the mobility and transportation challenges in London and beyond”. 

Set to be rolled out in Paris in 2017 this scheme promises to contend with the likes of Lyft and Uber, a direction many big manufacturers are heading in.

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