After two drunkards stole a welcome mat from an Irish bar they were offered to partake in a peculiar challenge that could see them land themselves a free limo ride.

Most party animals wake up with a huge feeling of anxiety, worrying what possessions or sense of dignity they may have lost during the night.


Two Irish partygoers actually managed to gain after a night out, returning home with both trophies and an offer of a free bar tab, VIP entry at their favourite club and a limo ride.

After stealing a welcome mat from the Carbon Club in Galway, the two thieves posted pictures of their accomplishment on Facebook in an attempt to generate humor. Unluckily for the two the nightclub owners spotted these images.

The nightclub’s management wrote on Facebook:  ‘After much discussion, we have decided this horrible debacle must come to an end. These two jokers managed to sneak this mat out past security but if they can sneak it back in, we’ll give them a €100 [~$135] bar tab and a free limo and vip entry for their friends.


‘BUT if they get caught bringing back in, BARRED for 2 months…So ye feeling lucky punks???? it!!’

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The challenge saw one of the thieves hit back at the club with a challenge of his own: ‘I see your mat…how much for the rest? 4 posters and a drip mat… #its on #doubleornothing’.

He then posted a series of images of other items he had stolen even Photoshopping some to create an illusion they were flying on a magic carpet.

So, what do you think can they sneak the mat back for a free limo ride?