Supercar owners are often criticised for being egotistical, using their vehicles as a declaration of their wealth. Yacht owners on the other hand tend to get left to their own devices, not so condemned on what they choose to spend their own money on.

Saying that the introduction of the yellow Lamborghini Yacht has welcomed much commentary. Where many have branded it a revelation in boating, others see it as a narcissistic waste of money and time.

Gino Gargiulo turned up at the Miami Boat Show with his bright yellow Lamborghini Yacht, a man who has made a name for himself as an automotive risk taker.boat

He is also the man behind a Mercedes-style vessel in which he created back in 2007, another extravagant statement of vehicle innovation.

His new 15-meter Lamborghini-inspired speedboat in an engineering phenomenon, sporting a gutsy vessel and a mesmerising price tag.

The creator of this undeniably inventive speedboat takes great pride in the response his creation has seen online.

“The response we’ve had … letters, emails. If you do a Google search today there are 14,000 pages on it already — and the boat’s never even been in the water.”

Although not something we would all spend $1.1 Million on, when you hear the story behind its creator your perception may change.

Gino spent many years as a poor man, struggling with addictions and staying in a variety of different homeless shelters.

“I was a drug addict, on cocaine and crack,” says the father-of-one.

His circumstances at present are somewhat detached from this lifestyle. He now owns a truck repair company, a car paintwork group, and now the world’s first Lamborghini boat.

Top Gear are always recognising the originality presented in the motor industry. We would of thought they would have loved this boat!

However, Quentin Willson, former presenter of the BBC show feels the boat screams “I’m rich and bored.”

“And that’s really sad. Anybody who’s got that amount of money that they need to go and commission a special boat to keep them entertained — I think it’s nuts,” he claims.

lamboat 2

“The key with these people is they want to be different, and they want to be separate, and they want to be distinctive — and that impulse throws good taste, and reason, and rationale out the window.”

Despite what many critics think of the boat it is undeniably interesting, capturing the attention of people across the globe. It also appears that the critics opinion is irrelevant to Gino who claims that a ride in his boat is  “Like nothing else in the world”

“I’m sure my wife Renea would prefer if I put a lot more money in the bank,” he says. “But this is just me.”

“I make a good living, I give to charity, and I like buying these kinds of things.”

We at Limo Broker commend Gino on his choice and support anyone who follows their dreams!