With professional makeup artists, flamboyant dresses, designer  shoes and the all-important limo, the once humble UK prom is getting more and more expensive, having adopted many styles from the US over the past decade. Usually taking place following GCSE’s the UK prom, or school leavers as it’s also known, is one of the biggest events on the school calendar, celebrating past achievements while anticipating future endeavours.

While an amazing juncture in an young persons life, is the way we execute the school prom getting a little too excessive?

With so much ancillary spending on things such as hair, flowers, clothes, jewellery and transport, many parents are left majorly out of pocket and it’s not just the daughters that are fleecing the bank of mum and dad. A new study shows that boys are just as much to blame for these forever-growing prom trends. An articles released today on The Guardian reads:

‘Boys used to get off lightly, but today’s prom kings spend an average £157 each, up from £131 three years ago.’

With UK boys more interested in looks and style than ever before spending is arguable getting out of control, with about

‘6% of boys get a spray tan for the prom – compared with 19% of girls – but 42% of boys have their hair done professionally for the big night’ The Guardian continues.

Prom transport

As one of the biggest costs involved in attending such a prolific event, prom transport has become more and more exciting with each year that passes, with limousines, party buses and even helicopters blessing the streets of the UK. As the largest providers of prom transport in the country we have expanded our fleet to include Hummer limos, Starline Party Buses, Ferraris and Lamborghini, with the sole purpose of chauffeuring prom Kings and Queens.

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