While Rolls Royce is a brand synonymous with smooth-running and tranquility the truth is there is a lot of work that goes on in the background, with such a level of finery demanding hard working, experienced minds propping up the business. One man at the top of this notorious brand is Müller-Ötvös; a man that has over the years steered Rolls Royce and the BMW group into the right direction.

In a recent interview with reputable publication Forbes, the businessman talks of the group’s success, putting it’s incredibly healthy sales numbers down to their insistence on keeping the brand values alive.

“We took a couple of years ago a step for a completely separate aluminum space frame for Rolls-Royce. To assure our brand stands alone. We are not forced to use something which is the body of another car and change in a certain way and call it a Rolls-Royce. We go our own way. ‘Take the best that exists and make it better’ was Henry Royce’s belief. And that is how Cullinan [the upcoming SUV] will look, a true Rolls-Royce.”

Almost keeping themselves away from popular culture and trends the Rolls Royce group is not about volume, insistent on keeping the company’s unique qualities at the forefront of each brief for each new Goodwood creation.

“The last thing our customers want to hear is ‘Volume, volume, volume.’” He pauses for a moment.

“Have you ever heard Hermès telling the world how many [bottles of] calèche they have sold? They would never do so. Luxury talks about profitability. Being a business operation, I have targets from the BMW Group, profitability targets. How I achieve these? That’s up to me, up to us.”

It does seem that without focusing too much on profits great sales numbers come naturally, even in the niche space of luxury, high-end motors.

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