While we tend to hire out 2-3 wedding cars per event at Limo Broker, one for bride, one for the groom and one for the bridesmaids, we are now seeing more and more couples hoeing multiple cars just for themselves, with one couple recently renting 5 cars for their big day.
Feeling that no expense should be spared when it comes to wedding transport, with the motor-loving couple hiding everything from traditional London buses to spotty Ferraris and everything in between. Even investing in a multi-tier cake made of tyres, the couple want  their love of cars to be sewn through even part of their lavish celebration.
Enhancing their vehicle theme, the couple enjoyed some amazing pictures as drift cars revved their engines, surrounding the couple with red smoke. Used for their ‘Save the Date’ cards, we can only imagine what else the couple has in store for their lucky guests.
Renting a Cinderella carriage, a Ferrari Limo, a Chevrolet Bellaire, a double decker red bus and an ice cream cab, it is safe to say that the October wedding will be sure to hit the headlines again.
Taking on how they met Christine, 32, said: “Lee and I met at a local bar. I was with my friends and tripped on some furniture.
“As I flew forward, Lee grabbed me and pulled me into him.”
The couple had been together for a few years before Lee proposed the question.
“His proposal completely caught me off guard. I came home from work, and he’d put up signs directing me around the house.
“They led to the garden, and I expected water balloons, but he was standing there in the rain with an umbrella, surrounded by red roses, next to a table with champagne flutes on and a small ring box,” Christine added.
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