A grandfather from Worcestershire hit the headlines last week after he debuted his pimped up mobility scooter which he’d lovingly transformed into a Thunderbirds inspired Rolls Royce complete with a Lady Penelope lookalike doll.

Brian Vann from Evesham transformed his regular mobility scooter especially for a cancer charity race after his wife passed away following a battle with the illness back in 2010. The 74-year-old crafted the silver car from cardboard and foil, completing the iconic Rolls Royce look with his own Spirit of Ecstasy created from a Barbie doll and a life size doll in the passenger seat as his own Lady Penelope.

The retired construction worker said he got a picture of the original Thunderbirds car and worked from that to craft his own unique version of the much loved car. The granddad had some help from a couple of friends who made the Lady Penelope doll which rides alongside Mr Vann in the scooter.

The transformation for the 10mph scooter took its inspiration from the legendary 1960’s TV show, thunderbirds, with Mr Vann taking on the role of the chauffeur in his very own Rolls Royce style mobility scooter.

As well as crafting his own Thunderbirds car, the 74-year-old also created his own Batmobile earlier in the year which he spent several weeks making from scratch.