Pop star Mika has been left “traumatised” after his older sister was rushed to hospital after falling from a window ledge and impaling herself of the sharp railings below.

Paloma Penniman is the 28-year-old sister of singer Mika, and is said to be in a stable but critical condition is hospital following the horrific accident. The stylist plunged 3 floors after falling from a window ledge at her home in Kensington in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It’s been reported that the 27-year-old Grace Kelly singer had been out for dinner with his sister the night before the accident happened, and was in her West London flat when she slipped from the window onto the railings below.

Both of Paloma’s legs had been impaled by the railings, and another spike had pierced her abdomen. Mika’s sibling was rushed to hospital with part of railings still attached to her body as the fire fighters cut a section of the railings in order to free her.

It’s understood that Paloma underwent emergency surgery on her legs and abdomen yesterday, and her condition is still critical. Mika and the rest of his family are said to be keeping a vigil at Paloma’s bedside.

The singer songwriter is very close to his older sister and he even invited her to provide backing vocals on his 2009 album The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

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