As luxury car owners ourselves we understand the need to keep high value cars in pristine condition, ensuring the interior and exterior is impeccably presented to our customers.

This is why we can empathise with the terrible ordeal West Midlands operator experienced this weekend, witnessing their vehicles being burnt in a dreadful arson attack.

Known for operating a stunning fleet of high-end vehicles the business is now in an unstable state, loosing their Rolls Royce Phantom, Ghost, Lamborghini Aventador and their Bentley in the early hours of Friday morning. Seeing their prized possessions completely destroyed they did manage to save one vehicle, the company Hummer, just having to repair the smoke damage caused to the exterior.

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An fire of epic proportion

With flames engulfing the cars the police had no choice but to close the roads that surrounded the 150 square metre one-storey building, with 40 firefighters braving their lives to settle the inferno. With 18 men wearing breathing apparatus they used three hose reel jets and foam to bring the blaze under control, but unfortunately the majority of the cars could not be saved.


£20,000 reward

With such incidents harming both finances as well as morale it is understandable why this luxury hire boss is desperate to find those responsible, offering a healthy sum of £20,000 to anyone who can help the police with their investigation.

A devastated workforce

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The company boss, Zafron Hussain, is extremely concerned about the future of his business, with his cars being off the road, not being able to chauffeur customers or be hired out.

He said:

‘I have no idea who has done this as we’re a successful business and get on with everyone.

‘I don’t know if we were deliberately targeted or if it was yobs messing around.

‘We cannot operate from these premises because of the damage and it will take months for the insurance claim to be sorted out.

‘I don’t know what we’re going to do about operating the business.

Another senior employee, Hassim Amrid, said it:

‘was not a pleasant sight’ when he arrived at the premises as firefighters tackled the blaze.

He added: ‘The Lamborghini, which was carbon fibre and valued at £330,000, was totally melted.

‘The Ghost, £260,000 and the Phantom, £150,000, were melted too.’

If you know anything about the awful ordeal then be sure to share the information with the West Midlands Police.