Mercedes to launch delivery robots 

Mercedes to launch delivery robots 

At Limo Broker we at passionate about two things; transport and technology. So, naturally we were excited to hear of Mercedes’ delivery robots, a product that the German carmakers are piloting very soon.
With Amazon testing the air transporting of goods the future of delivery is looking brighter everyday, but can Mercedes really train robots to deliver our takeaway pizza? Well, according to them, absolutely! Aiming to run a pilot scheme with takeaway brand, Just Eat, Mercedes have partnered with delivery robot start-up Starship Technologies based in Tallinn. Both sharing a vision to outperform the likes of Amazon there are some regulatory hurdles to overcome, however, with Mercedes’ expertise and buying power there is no doubt this venture will get off the ground.

Battery life

While regulation is expected to be the biggest headache the largest issue lays with battery life, with test robots only managing trips of 2 to 3 kilometres before dying. Wanting to roll this out across many countries this will just not do, with the techies behind the venture working hard to progress the robots and their ability to stay awake.


Mercedes Sprinter

Just today Mercedes have announced that they will be creating the van to transport these robots, reworking the infamous Sprinter for the job. Acting as motherships for the eight robots there really is no better vehicle to utilise in our opinion.
Explaining the business model NewScientist.Com says:
‘Starship’s six-wheeled robots can carry 10 kilograms worth of parcels, groceries and takeaway food to homes at precise times of a customer’s choosing. On arrival, the customer unlocks the beetle-like robot’s shiny carapace via an app on their phone and takes out their goods. In the UK, Starship is piloting its robot services in Greenwich with takeaway food service Just Eat.’
Let us know what you think, is this the start of something incredible in the delivery industry? Leave your comments below.

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