Mercedes to Introduce Driverless Limo Service

Mercedes to Introduce Driverless Limo Service


Of late we have seen many incredible things coming from Mercedes, with both the manufactures themselves and independent companies challenging transport conventions. With inventions such as the Starline Mercedes Limo Bus it seems the Mercedes brand is set to experience a revolution, now promising to develop a driverless limousine service.

Being the latest company to promise driverless technology Mercedes now joins Apple and BMW in the race to the top, claiming that this has always been their plan.

“This is a concrete development goal of ours,” Daimler Chief Executive

Zetsche said.

“It would be even more convenient if the car came to you autonomously” Zetsche said.

Where Google and Apple have spoken of the benefits of such technology it appears that Mercedes want to take this one step further.

” It would be extremely practical if the car2go appeared without needing to be prompted, once my appointment in the calendar had come to an end.”

Going head to head with Uber

As well as building and selling cars, the technology used to drive a car the car uis also a lucrative business. Zetsche confirms that the combination of car rental services and autonomous vehicles opens up new business opportunities.

“I think you don’t need too much imagination to see that by combining these strengths, attractive business models are possible in future,” Zetsche said.

Let us know what you think, will Mercedes be the first to introduce the driverless car? Leave your comments below.

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