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Here at Limo Broker we are proud to offer hire solutions for some of the world’s most sought after cars, sharing the glamour of the supercar world with our much-valued customers. However, there seems to be someone that takes things to a whole new level; Supercar Blondie. Paid to review some of the most expensive cars in the world, the ex-journalist now enjoys a life that many of us can only dream of.

Originally from Queensland, the blonde beauty has lived in many countries across the world, always employing a hankering for the Dubai lifestyle of eccentricity.


‘I always wanted to at least visit Dubai – it was a city that I loved to watch on the Discovery Channel. It had the world’s biggest everything and clearly had a vision to stand out,’ Mrs Hirschi told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I really wanted to go and see these incredible buildings and be around people who wanted to do something different. I just had no idea I’d end up living here, and I ended up moving here straight out of university.’

Mrs Hirschi started out as a news presenter for a sports car radio show in Dubai, enjoying the glamourous world of news for over five years. After getting to know some of the big brands involved in the industry, the presenter started to change her professional focus.

‘After establishing a relationship with Bentley through the show, I was lucky enough to be given a Flying Spur for a weekend,’ she said.  3F8B7E4200000578-4438914-image-m-14_1493247006843

‘That weekend, I felt like I was living my dream! So I started working on how I could be given more cars on a regular basis – but what could I offer in return?

‘The answer turned out to be delivering content on social media that no one else was creating. I was just uploading pics to my personal Instagram account and after some time I started developing a following.’

From here the media girl defined a gap in the market, producing high quality content that nobody else was. As her following grew so did her sponsors, with Ferrari, Mercedes, Bugatti and Rolls Royce all making regular appearances on her channels.

If you would like to learn more about supercar hire, contact us at Limo Broker today!

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