Time for Jordan to call a chauffeur?

Time for Jordan to call a chauffeur?

Katie Price is known for her love of fast cars and recently, even faster men, so when she was snapped driving her luxury white Range Rover with a pink towel covering her face, it certainly raised a few safety issues. It appears that the high profile celeb has suddenly turned camera shy and is now doing everything she can to conceal herself from the preying paparazzi.

Given the 31-year-old has now developed a penchant for driving partially blindfolded in an attempt to hide from the snappers, maybe she should employ the services of a chauffeur? This way she can conceal herself under a towel, Gucci handbag or designer jumper anytime she likes without endangering the safety of the waiting photographers, but that might be beside the point.

Katie Price, aka Jordan, can certainly afford a chauffeur after she was granted a quickie divorce this week from Aussie singer, Peter Andre. Her £28 million fortune will remain intact as her ex-husband will only be entitled to a 50% share of the money they earned during their marriage. This figure is rumoured to be £12 million with each of them walking away with £6million a piece.

Since her divorce was granted in a 1 minute high court ruling this week, OK Magazine have revealed that Katie Price will throw a lavish divorce party to celebrate her new freedom. The celeb mag plans to do a full spread of the “star studded” event however the news hasn’t been warmly received by everyone. Some journalists have accused the mother of three of sinking to a new low with her latest stunt, but it seems the determined celeb is set on the idea.

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