At Limo Broker we are always eager to learn about celebrity-owned limo, especially when they boast a rich, historic history. This week Margaret Thatcher’s last limousine went on sale, fetching a whopping £40,000 on the re-sale market. Being both bomb and bullet-proof the official car was built with the same air of paranoia as many public figures’ vehicles, custom-made to be proactive rather than reactive in problematic times.

It has been said that the armoured Jaguar was used by Baroness Thatcher from 2009 right the way up until her death in 2013, ferrying her around the UK for both official visits as well as day-to-day duties.


To ensure the car was secure enough for the Iron Lady, Jaguar made some alterations to the conventional XJ8 model. These included underfloor kevlar protection, bulletproof windows, ballistic steel armouring and a titanium roof. However, the car was not just renowned for its security measures, reworked to include a 4.2litre v8 engine with the capability of  155mph.


Owned by The Department for Transport he limo was entered into Christie’s Out of the Ordinary Sale, with the auctioning of this iconic car taking place in London yesterday evening. Putting a guide price of £15,000 – £25,000 in place the car finally sold for £37,500, seeing all revenue from the Jaguar’s sale go to the country’s coffers.

Let us know what you think, was £37,500 a fair price for the former Prime Minister’s vehicle? Leave your comments below.