While limousines have for years been all about privacy, with many drivers up and down the country having seen there fair share of private parties, every now and then these exclusive parties on wheels go viral, with the smartphone being the catalyst of many celebrity uncoverings.

36FEB62D00000578-3728957-image-a-19_1470639289990This week is Samir Nasri’s turn, being caught on camera whilst letting loose with a bunch of mates. Dancing to a strong rap backdrop the role model has understandably been under scrutiny since the Instagram release, being pictured in a hired stretched limo with labelled drugs scattered around.

Formed into heart-shaped heaps the clip has been slammed for glorifying drugs, with the footballer tagged in the video sporting the hashtags ‘#stonerlife’, ‘#thuger’, ‘#vegas’ ‘and ‘#myteambetterthanyours’.

The bags are seen to be labelled ‘White Walker’, ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Super Jack’, suggesting a sound knowledge of what they describe as the ‘stonerlife’.

With no attempts to keep such privacy under wraps the video does show a disrespect to the game, a game renowned for its strict rules when it comes to drugs, alcohol, sex and the upkeep of club image. According to many sources, including Mail Online, the video was uploaded to the social media platform by Nasri’s former Olympique de Marseille teammate, Ahmed Yahiaoui.


The last straw for Guardiola?

The Midfielder, 29, is regarded as one of the club’s superstar, although City boss Pep Guardiola did criticise the Frenchman earlier this year for being overweight; an issue substantial partying is unlikely to resolve. Since the unveiling of this footage the star has been photographed training alone, suggesting a changing room altercation may be on the cards.

Let us know what you think, should a footballer’s off-pitch life be a problem or should figures such as Nasri uphold a certain public image. Leave your comments below.