Luxury car brands partner with Blackberry for cyber security project

Luxury car brands partner with Blackberry for cyber security project

This week has been a huge week for cyber security, with the NHS hacks causing bedlam across the country. Highlighting a need for all types of businesses and organisations to protect their data, it seems the world of transport is equally as concerned.

In what is being referred to as a ‘hacker comeback’ Blackberry are said to be working on anti-hacking software with Land Rover and Aston Martin to protect motors from cyber attacks. With two of the largest luxury brands in the UK involved, this will hopefully set a tone that the rest of the industry will endeavour to follow.

According  to sources, this technology will remotely scan connected vehicles for computer viruses, employing an aim to prevent wireless hi-jacking. If a threat is detected, the software will alert the driver, telling them to pull over if they were in critical danger.

Expected to be launched as early as next year, the technology will reward Blackberry with around £7 for each car sold.

According to Macquarie financial analyst Gus Papageorgiou there is much room for such improvements.

“Although a connected, more software-centric automobile offers tremendous advantages to consumers, it also opens the doors to hackers,” Papageorgiou said.

This comes after an announcement on Tuesday stated that hackers are now looking to immobilise vehicles through on-board computers, with big brands needing to invest and take such issues seriously.

After losing its dominance in the smartphone market, could Blackberry grow to become one of the biggest in-car tech companies of our time? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

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