Liza Minnelli settles $100 million lawsuit out of court

Liza Minnelli settles $100 million lawsuit out of court

Cabaret star Liza Minnelli has finally brought a grumbling lawsuit lasting 5 years to an end after it was revealed that she’s made an out of court settlement with her former chauffeur, who had accused her of sexual harassment.

Minnelli’s chauffeur of 10 years, M’hammed Soumayah, alleged the star would force him to “engage in sexual relations”. The married father of two said he had “eventually succumbed” after Minnelli blackmailed him, threatening to fire him from his job as a chauffeur and bodyguard where he earned $238,000 a year.

Chauffeur Soumayah also claimed that the actress would get drunk and beat him when he refused her. Former husband of Liza Minnelli, David Gest, had also accused the star of inflicting him with beatings.   

Liza tells a different story, saying Soumayah had threatened her after she cut his generous salary.

The $100 million lawsuit was launched against the star in 2004, and sought damages for assault and battery, breach of contract, personal injury, and multiple counts of sexual harassment. The Oscar winning actress then launched a counterclaim against her chauffeur, accusing him of violating a confidentiality agreement.

However court records show that the sordid saga was brought to an end last month when both sides managed to reach an agreement. No details of the deal have been revealed with the report confirming, “the entire action has been settled and discontinued.”

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