Lindsay Lohan in hot water over limo hire bill

Lindsay Lohan in hot water over limo hire bill

Actress Lindsay Lohan is reported to be back in trouble with the law after failing to pay a limo hire bill she ran up in 2009.

It’s been alleged that the Mean Girls actress hired chauffeur driven limousines on a regular basis between February and May 2009 for transport to events and occasions, running up a bill of $33,978. However the bill has since escalated to $90,000 as a result of late payment fees and other penalties.

Despite many attempts to settle the bill, the limo hire operator, Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services who charge £3,860 an hour for chauffeur driven limo hire, say they are yet to receive a many in payment from the actress and model.

A spokesperson for the 25-year-old said that Lindsay Lohan has not been informed of any new charges and therefore refused to comment further on the issue as they were not aware of any legal action being taken against the star.

The limo hire operator has confirmed that they are suing Lindsay Lohan and Tri Star Entertainment for the non payment of their fees.

Lindsay Lohan has become more famous for her brushes with the law than her movies in recent times. In June of this year, Lohan was put under house arrest for 35 days, and ordered to undertake 480 of community service, after pleading no contest to the theft of a $2,500 necklace. The 25-year-old hasn’t had a hit movie since 2005, although she is expected to star in upcoming mafia movie, Mob Street.

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