The replacement model which will take over from the popular Lincoln Town Car has been revealed as the Lincoln MKT model. Two versions of the MKT will be launched including a limousine and livery model.

Ford announced the Lincoln Town Car would be phased out in 2011, however its replacement wasn’t known until now. The new MKT vehicles will offer more headroom and advanced onboard technology say Ford.

The livery vehicles will be available in front and all-wheel drive, while the limousine MKTs will feature all-wheel drive as standard and upgraded suspension. The limo version will also feature Wi-Fi hotspot capability, USB charging plug and audio controls. The livery MKT will boast extra safety features such as rear-view cameras and blind spot information systems.

The MKT first went on sale last year, and since its launch it’s sold 5,701 vehicles, making it the slowest ever selling Lincoln. However the poor sales record could well be attributed to the economic downturn, and may not be a slight on the vehicle.

Lincoln has been a leading light in the limo manufacturing industry for years, and the company say the new MKT model will offer, “fresh options to satisfy a whole generation of new customers.”

The MKT limo and livery models from Lincoln area due to go into production in 2012.

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