A car-jacker who stole a hummer limousine at gunpoint in California, US over the weekend attempted to make an unusual getaway after being pursued by police, making a run from the limo completely naked.

The theft of the hummer H2 limo was reported by the chauffeur of the car who told police the robber had taken the hummer from him at gunpoint at 8pm in Irvine, California this weekend. A police chase ensued, with the authorities pursuing the stolen limo in cars and also with the help of a police helicopter.

According to the driver of the hummer, the thief was fully clothed when he stole the vehicle, however he must have removed his clothes during the police chase as by the time he slowed down and bailed out of the hummer attempting to flee on foot, the robber wasn’t wearing a single item of clothing.

The moment the as-yet-unidentified thief rolled out of the limo and made away from the police on foot naked was captured by the police cameras from the helicopter hovering above. The fact the man was naked probably didn’t do him any favours as a German Shepherd police dog tackled the thief to the floor, bringing him down and holding onto him with its jaws until two police officers arrived and handcuffed the man.

The naked limo thief was taken into custody, although the police say it’s still not known why the robber chose to strip off his clothes while making his getaway in the hummer limousine.