Police arrested man in the US who hired a limo and left stolen weapons onboard

A thief in Dover, USA, hired a chauffeur driven limo so he could drive around the neighbourhood selling his stolen goods.

Police were alerted by the limo driver after the man left the limousine with various stolen items onboard. The man, named by police as Jason Lowell Greenberg, was picked up by the authorities at Dover train station after the tip-off from the chauffer.

Eagle Limousines, who provided the chauffeur driven limo, say they received the booking earlier that night. The car was then sent to the requested location to pick up the customer, Greenberg, who proceeded to load stolen items including a TV, shotguns, and rifles into the limo.

Greenberg then asked the chauffeur to drive him around the area while he attempted to sell the items. He was then taken to the limo company’s base where a second chauffeur agreed to buy the TV. The other items were then moved to another limo, and Greenberg asked to be driven to the train station.

Once at the station, Greenberg left the limo with the items still onboard. It was at this point that the chauffeur called the police.

Greenberg was arrested and the investigation is ongoing. Early reports indicate that the items were probably taken during two burglaries which took place earlier that day.

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