audi-q7-blackLimo Broker News has finished an investigation into the current state of the limo hire industry today, following on from research unveiled last year by the BBC a year ago. That research concluded that the Limo hire industry was thriving with very strong growth of over 300% in 5 years and that limo numbers on the roads since 2002 had increased to over 15,000 vehicles. Of these the strongest growth was in large limousines, such as Hummer limos or Jeep limos, whose numbers had shot up to over 5,000.

Limo News have spoken to several industry leading companies about how their fortunes have gone since the recession took hold and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Oswald from Glamour Limousines said: “I’ve been booked out far more often than not and this year’s prom season was the busiest ever. In the past 12 months we’ve taken on three more vehicles, a lincoln and two hummers, to meet demand”

Similarly Roy from Chic Limousines told us: “This years prom was insane, we had 3x as many enquires as we had capacity for and we’re trying to get more cars in so we’re better prepared for next year”.

Many analysts has predicted that Limo hire would suffer during the recession due to it being a highly luxury item however the strong industry growth prior to the recession and the changing in attitudes in favour of limo travel have stood the industry in a good position to handle the recession.

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